I love process. Looking at it, researching it, absorbing it into my soul, and showing my own! When I first got started animating, the most helpful things I saw were brilliant artists explaining their process. Or even just showing their entire workflow from start to finish like Emanuele Colombo.

That link takes you to a video where you can watch this wonderful animator start and complete a piece within an hour and a half. It was stunningly inspirational when I first saw it and it continues to inspire me today.

Although Iā€™m not on his level by any means, I want to expose those who are interested, to how I make my animations in the hopes that someone just starting out can learn something. I loved it, and I want to share what I can with whoever might want to take a peek behind the veil.

Some good resources for process and animators making tutorials:

I hope to see you here again soon!